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For statistical purposesGauquelin divided the diurnal circle into 36 sectors in order of diurnalmotion starting at the ascendant, ie in the opposite direction tohouses, see next section. However, the expected frequency in each sectoris difficult to calculate because it depends on season longer days insummer mean more births above the horizon, demography the birth ratevaries during both the day and the year, astronomy planetary motioncan be highly non uniform eg due to retrogradation, and a particularsample for all of the previous reasons. Gauquelin managed to solvethis problem in various ways that were later published as Methodes pouretudier la Repartition des Astres dans le Mouvement Diurne Paris 1957,112 pages, which included a section by Francoise on three ways ofcalculating sector positions rise set, Placidus, graphical. Gauquelin noted that Lasson's sample sizes were inadequate often lessthan a hundred cases, and that he had not allowed for astronomic anddemographic factors. For example Lasson found that writers tended to beborn with Mercury rising, which in fact is due to the larger number ofbirths near sunrise and to Mercury never being far from conjunct theSun, so astrology has nothing to do with it. In the end Gauquelin wasunable to replicate Lasson's results. Nevertheless, much to Gauquelin's surprise, he observed in his own largesamples similar but not identical results that did replicate. And itis these results, not the failed results of Choisnard, Krafft, andLasson, that fill most of Gauquelin's first book. In its introduction henotes that he was "sincerely persuaded that would havenothing to offer except a critique of astrological doctrine . But inthe course of our work we were confronted by results so remarkable thatscientific rigour obliged us to pursue and extend them" L'Influence desAstres 1955:12. Furthermore "no a priori reason appears sufficientlyvalid for rejecting the conclusions we have drawn" p.

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; Sanmartn, J. ; Pareja, I. 2000. Los bancos de items en el escenario actual de la medicin psicolgica con tests. Revista de Psicologa General y Aplicada, Vol. 53, no.

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Dis Colon Rectum. 1991 Feb. 34 2:181 4. Nevler A, Beer Gabel M, Lebedyev A, Soffer A, Gutman M, Carter D, et al. Transperineal ultrasonography in perianal Crohn's disease and recurrent cryptogenic fistula in ano.

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